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Springing into 2015 : New Devlin Jones Harris Tweed bellows range

After putting Christmas well and truly behind us, spring gives us the opportunity to get creative and devise stunning new designs for our growing range of bellows.

We’re delighted to have been approached by Kenneth Mackenzie Limited, the owners of the mill in the Western Isles of Scotland where finishing of the world famous Harris Tweed fabric takes place. They wondered if we would be interested in incorporating their fabric into our bellows.



Well, of course we would! We immediately set about creating two pairs of stunning bellows, one in our Coll design and the other in Islay.

We discovered that the densely woven nature of Harris Tweed is perfect for making bellows. Practically speaking, it has a good upholstery weight that adheres well to leather and a robustness that ensures longevity. It’s as good if not better than the traditional tartan fabric we use. And it goes without saying that aesthetically it’s a sure-fire winner!

Harris Tweed on Coll bellowsColl harris tweed brassColl and islay fire bellows with Harris Tweed

Here are the Barra bellows for the complete homage to the Outer Hebrides!

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Website Spring Clean
Special Offers page

This is a great time of year to run a new broom over our website and give things a vigorous spruce and tidy.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to introduce a “special offers”  page which provides the opportunity of purchasing your own set of bellows that are ready-made in stock and that can be sent out the next day. This has always proven a popular option at Christmas time, so we thought that we would extend it to run throughout the year. It means that you can simply pick the bellows you see and like then click to order. Nothing could be more simple.

So grab a cup of tea, click on the link above and browse our current off-the-peg stock at your leisure.

Islay with zebra print , stainless steel nozzle and nickel studs

Islay Fire bellows with Zebra print on cow hide, stainless steel nozzle and nickel studs.

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