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Wedding and Woollies : September 2014

Our engraving service allows you to personalise your bellows with names, dates or even family crests. This makes them the ideal gift idea for weddings or in fact any occasion that deserves to be commemorated!

The perfect way to create your own family heirloom.



And introducing our newest line…

813f808e-784c-4d36-a47f-2d9defaa7da8 Colonsay with fair isleColl and colonsay with fair isle

Your husband’s favourite woolly jumper may be gone at the elbows but there’s no need to consign it to the rubbish bin just yet. Let Devlin Jones give it a new lease of life.

We now up-cycle old Fair Isle and Shetland sweaters past their prime into beautiful bellows. Each sweater is washed and felted, and then backed in leather at no extra charge.

Imagine. You never have to be seen out in public with him wearing his beloved sweater again, and you both have the pleasure of using the bellows for years to come.

Good sweaters never really die.

NB: This is possible with woollen jumpers only. We can source if necessary.


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