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In stock and ready to ship: Our "Puffin" bellows is the most compact in the Island range but delivers a good burst of air to light your embers. We lovingly make all our bellows from high quality raw materials on our smallholding in West Wales.


It is supplied with a hanging hole but why not buy one of our exclusive bellows stands made with solid wood.



  • British Walnut
  • High quality leather - Black
  • Brass studs
  • Brass nozzle - Precision Enginered solid brass, made for us in the UK


The leather is vegtable tanned and sourced from the UK


Width approx 18cm and total length approx 44cm.


Formerly known as The "Collinsay" Bellows.

"Puffin" Fireside Bellows in Walnut, black leather and brass

Out of Stock
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